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Daxom electric boiler installation

It is not difficult to exchange or replace your existing Gas or Oil boiler for a Daxom electric boiler. The existing radiators or underfloor heating can be connected to your new Daxom boiler in the same way it has been installed on your existing system.

The location of the boiler can be the same or it can be relocated anywhere within your property as long a 10mm cable can reach the consumer board.

Your gas supply and meter can be removed saving you money on yearly standing charges. Daxom electric boilers don’t require a yearly service or inspection certificate and no carbon monoxide detectors are required.

The average replacement or new install of a Daxom boiler is completed in a day with minimal disruption of the heating and domestic hot water supply.

The installation will include the removal of your existing boiler – water tank, all manufactures requirements including a limescale inhibitor, magnetic filter and the installation of a room thermostat of your choice.

As the manufactures approved installation and service company we will automatically  extend your warranty to three years free of charge. Just submit the warranty form below once we have installed your new boiler.


Daxom warranty services

When you get a Daxom boiler installed, you will also get a manufacturer-backed warranty as part of your purchase. Below we outline the benefits of having a Daxom boiler warranty and provide you with information on how you can ensure that it is kept valid.

The Daxom warranty is  designed to provide you with an added sense of peace of mind in knowing that your boiler is covered in the event of a breakdown or fault. If a fault or breakdown occurs with your boiler during its warranty period, the manufacturer – distributor will organise a repair or replacement.

The Daxom warranty covers any faulty parts or manufacturing faults. We charge £80.00 plus Vat for a call out payable upfront . If the call out is covered by the warranty we will refund it in full.  For warranty terms & conditions click below. To report a problem please fill out and submit the booking form. For further guidance please send an email or phone us. 


Warranty terms & conditions! booking form required! email engineers team 07826322786 Daxom UK Ltd 01276 536409

Other services we offer

From replacing light fixtures to complete re wires. The daxom electrical engineers can assist with all your electrical needs.

For all your plumbing requirements residential or commercial  

Radiator installation, power flushing, pressure testing and much more.

Please contact us via email or call our engineers team for further assistance.

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